Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 9]

Q1. A rate servo tacho generator feedback signal is required to?
A: Damp out oscillations of a control movement
B: Assist the demand applied to servo motor
C: Ensure proportional control movement for a given command signal

Q2. Capture of a LOC beam is normally dependant on a change of bank angle command based on?
A: Airspeed, deviation and altitude
B: Atitude, distance from transmitter and runway heading
C: Ground speed, intercept angle and distance from beam

Q3. How is the stabiliser automatically controlled in normal manual operation?
A: Mach/Speed trim

B: Pitch trim
C: Electric trim

Q4. An automatic disengagement of an autopilot will cause?
A: A red warning light to illuminate and an aural warning

B: A red light to illuminate
C: An aural warning only

Q5. The type of amplifier used to overcome difficulty in amplifying DC or very low frequency signals and to prevent drift is?
A: Buffer amplifier
B: Integrator amplifier
C: Chopper amplifier

Q6. When DC motors are used as servomotors, they are usually?
A: High current low voltage
B: High torque heavy armature type
C: Split field type

Q7. Throttle hold will occur?
A: With weight on wheels
B: At a predetermined take off speed
C: At the beginning of the take off run

Q8. If only radio deviation is fed to the auto pilot roll channel, what will happen?
A: Aircraft will fly parallel to centreline
B: Aircraft will fly in circles
C: Aircraft will drift from centreline

Q9. Rate feedback signal in a rate/rate system system?
A: Provides proportional response to commanded inputs
B: Indicates control surface feedback
C: Prevents oscillations of the control surfaces

Q10. An AC tacho generator stator has?
A: Three windings 120 degrees apart
B: Two windings 180 degrees apart
C: Two windings 90 degrees apart

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