Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 12]

Q1. The mean line between the upper and lower camber of an aerofoil is called?
A: AOI (angle of Incidence)
B: Mean Camber Line
C: AOA (Angle of Attack)
D: Camber ratio

Q2. Dutch roll is a form of?
A: Lateral dynamic stability
B: Lateral static instability
C: Lateral dynamic instability
D: Lateral static stability

Q3. Flaps at landing position?
A: Decrease take off and landing speeds
B: Decrease take off speed
C :Decrease landing speed

Q4. Yaw displacements also produce?
A: Pitch displacements about the longitudinal axis
B: Roll displacements about the lateral axis
C: Pitch displacements about the lateral axis
D: Roll displacements about the longitudinal axis

Q5. The down going wing on an anhedral aircraft produces?
A: Less lift
B: More lift
C: The same amount of lift

Q6. Skin friction drag can be reduced by?
A: Vortex generators
B: Painting/polishing the surface
C: Fairings

Q7. Anhedral wing design is used to?
A: To prevent slid slip during turns
B: Give an aircraft more stability
C: Make an aircraft more manoeuvrable

Q8. When airflow drag occurs at surface junctions, this is know as?
A: Form Drag
B: Skin Drag
C: Interference Drag

Q9. Light/small aircraft that have inset hinges to help with control forces, the general rule is that the control surface forward of the hinge to a maximum of?
A: 30%
B: 20%
C: 12%
D: 10%

Q10. An aircraft tail slab that acts collectively to provide tailplane control in pitch, but differentially to provide aileron control is known as a?
A: Elevon
B: Ruddervon
C: Taileron

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