Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 15]

Q1. What do ruddervators do?
A: Control Yaw & Roll
B: Control Roll & Pitch
C: Control Yaw & Pitch

Q2. To improve airflow over an aerofoil at high angles of attack?
A: Vortex generators are fitted to the upper aerofoil surface trailing edge
B: A slot is created in the leading edge to introduce airflow to the upper aerofoil surface
C: Spoilers are extended on the upper surface

Q3. An aircraft with static stability and dynamic instability, when disturbed will?
A: Have an decreasing oscillation
B: Have an phugoid oscillation
C: Have an increasing oscillation

Q4. A subsonic aircraft speeds up without any pilot input to the controls. The centre of pressure?
A: Moves forward
B: Is unaffected, but the aircraft will climb
C: Moves backwards

Q5. Profile drag increases proportional with?
A: Speed
B: The square of speed
C: The square root of speed

Q6. What is the purpose of a trim tab?
A: Eases control loading for pilots
B: Provides finer control moments by the pilot
C: Allows the C of G to be outside the normal limit

Q7. How does a balance tab operate?
A: It moves in the same direction, but by a little amount
B: It moves in the opposite direction proportional to the control surface it is attached too
C: It moves in the moves in the same direction proportional to the control surface it is attached too

Q8. When an aerofoil stalls, the CP (centre of Pressure)?
A: Moves forwards
B: Moves backwards
C: Remains constant

Q9. Aileron reversal at high speeds is caused by?
A: Pilot error
B:Dutch roll
C: Differential ailerons
D: Wing twist

Q10. The downward inclination of the wings is known as?
A: Dynamic roll
B: Dihedral
C: Anhedral
D: Wing flex

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