Agricultural Engineering MCQs [Quiz 25]

Q1. In T-head type engine, the valves are:
A. On one side
B. Are opposite to each other
C. Are opposite but inline
D. Both (b) & (c)

Q2. The cam lobes of camshaft helps in:
A. Opening and closing the valves
B. Driving the timing gear
C. Driving flywheel
D. Operated crankshaft

Q3. The teeth on the crankshaft gear is:
A. Half to camshaft gear
B. Equal to camshaft gear
C. Double of camshaft gear
D. Four times camshaft gear

Q4. When cam gear rotes one time the crankshaft gear will rotate:
A. Half time
B. Two times
C. Same rotation of cam gear
D. Three times

Q5. Firing order of an engine indicates:
A. Sequence of power stroke
B. Sequence of all strokes
C. Interval of between two successive power strokes
D. Interval between all power strokes

Q6. Engine is a device, which converts:
A. Chemical energy into mechanical
B. Mechanical energy into chemical
C. Chemical energy into electrical energy
D. Mechanical energy into electrical

Q7. To and fro motion of piston is converted to
A. Reciprocating motion
B. Rotary motion
C. Oscillatory motion
D. Vibrating motion

Q8. External combustion engine is more powerful than
A. Diesel engine
B. Petrol engine
C. Internal combustion engine
D. All are correct

Q9. The volume displaced by one-stroke of piston is:
A. Cylinder volume
B. Swept volume
C. Clearance volume
D. Total volume

Q10. Pre-combustion chamber is found in:
A. Petrol engine
B. Diesel engine
C. Steam engines
D. All are correct

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