Agricultural Engineering MCQs [Quiz 1]

Q1. Jalpriya is a variety of
(A) Maize
(B) Jowar
(C) Paddy
(D) Barley

Q2. Sugarcane + Potato is an intercropping system of
(A) Autumn season
(B) Zaid season
(C) Spring season
(D) Rainy season

Q3. Seed-rate of potato per hectare is—
(A) 25 quintal/hectare
(B) 10 quintal/hectare
(C) 15 quintal/hectare
(D) 40 quintal/hectare

Q4. Deficiency symptoms of calcium on plants first appear at—
(A) Lower leaves
(B) Middle leaves
(C) Terminal leaves
(D) All leaves

Q5. Which weedicide is used to kill broad leaf weeds in wheat ?
(A) 2, 4 – D.S.S. (WPSS)
(B) 2, 4, 5 – T
(C) 2, 4 – DB
(D) None of these

Q6. Maya is the variety of—
(A) Potato
(B) Gram
(C) Pea
(D) Mustard

Q7. The weed that causes Asthma is—
(A) Hirankhuri
(B) Bathua
(C) Parthenium
(D) Krishna Neel

Q8. Which crop requires maximum amount of nitrogen ?
(A) Potato
(B) Wheat
(C) Barley
(D) Sugarcane

Q9. First dwarf variety of paddy developed in India is—
(A) Jaya
(B) Saket-4
(C) Govind
(D) Narendra-97

Q10. Sprinkler irrigation is suitable, where the soil has—
(A) Clayey texture
(B) Loamy texture
(C) Undulating topography
(D) All of these

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