Agricultural Engineering MCQs [Quiz 2]

Q1. Endosulphan is also known as—
(A) Lindane
(B) Thiodan
(C) Aldrin
(D) B.H.C.

Q2. Which of the following is systemic poison ?
(A) Metasystox
(B) Phosphomidan
(C) Phorate
(D) All of these

Q3. DDVP is known as—
(A) Nuvan
(B) Malathion
(C) Thiodan
(D) Sulfex

Q4. Seed treatment with Vitavex is the main controlling method of—
(A) Loose smut
(B) Rust
(C) Downy mildew
(D) All of these

Q5. Covered smut of barley is a disease of—
(A) Externally seed-borne
(B) Internally seed-borne
(C) Air-borne
(D) None of these

Q6. Which of the following cakes is not edible ?
(A) Castor cake
(B) Mustard cake
(C) Sesame cake
(D) Groundnut cake

Q7. Moisture condensed in small drops upon cool surface is called—
(A) Hail
(B) Dew
(C) Snow
(D) Fog

Q8. Tilt angle of a disc plough is generally—
(A) 10°
(B) 15°
(C) 20°
(D) 45°

Q9. Pudding is done to—
(A) Reduce percolation of water
(B) Pulverise and levelling soil
(C) Kill weeds
(D) All of the above

Q10. The main unit of Integrated Rural Development Programme is—
(A) Family
(B) Village
(C) Block
(D) District

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