Agricultural Engineering MCQs [Quiz 4]

Q1. Azotobacter fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the soil by—
(A) Symbiotically
(B) Non-symbiotically
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these

Q2. The chemical formula of iron pyrites is—
(A) FeSO4
(B) FeS
(C) FeS2
(D) Fe2(SO4)3

Q3. Rock phosphates are used in—
(A) Saline soil
(B) Sodic soil
(C) Acidic soil
(D) Neutral soil

Q4. Intervenous chlorosis is caused due to the deficiency of—
(A) N
(B) Mg
(C) S
(D) Fe

Q5. Kinnow is the hybrid variety of—
(A) Citrus
(B) Orange
(C) Mandarin
(D) Lemon

Q6. The permanent preservative, which is used for preservation of fruit and vegetables, is—
(A) Sodium chloride
(B) Potassium metabisulphate
(C) Potassium sulphate
(D) Sugar

Q7. Whip tail disease of cauliflower is caused by deficiency of—
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Boron
(C) Molybdenum
(D) Zinc

Q8. The word ‘Agriculture’ is derived from—
(A) Greek
(B) Latin
(C) Arabic
(D) French

Q9. Motha (Grass nut) belongs to the family of—
(A) Cruciferae
(B) Tiliaceae
(C) Cyperaceae
(D) Graminaceae

Q10. Which of the followings are short day crops ?
(A) Maize, Lobia, Bajra
(B) Wheat, Mustard, Gram
(C) Moong, Soybean, Bajra
(D) Wheat, Soybean, Bajra

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