Biomedical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 43]

Q1. ______ is used to determine the physical performance characteristics of a cardiac patient.
a) Data compression techniques
b) Stress test electrocardiography
c) Stress amplitude ECG
d) QRS detection techniques

Q2. Which of the following are devices used for testing physical fitness?
a) Treadmill and sphygmomanometer
b) Ergometer and sphygmomanometer
c) Treadmill and Ergometer
d) Sphygmomanometer and Event recorders

Q3. Which of the following is the type of exercise protocols used in treadmill tests?
a) The Balke-Bruce Protocol
b) The Bruce-Ware Protocol
c) The Balke-Ware Protocol
d) The Balke Protocol

Q4. In the Balke-Ware Protocol, how much speed it uses with progressive increments in the load every 2 minutes?
a) 3.3 km/hour
b) 3.3 km to 5.3 km /hour
c) 3.3 miles to 5.3 miles /hour
d) 3.3 miles/hour

Q5. ______ is a blood pressure measuring instrument.
a) Sphygmomanometer
b) Ergometer
c) Treadmill
d) Holtemanometer

Q6. In the ST segment measurement _________ is either between the P and Q waves or in front of the P wave.
a) J point
b) Isoelectric baseline
c) ST measurement point
d) ST value

Q7. _________ is a signal of low amplitude and low frequency content.
a) QRS complex
b) R-R interval
c) ST segment
d) T-P interval

Q8. In the ST segment measurement, what is the bandwidth of the ST filter which is used to remove unwanted baseline noise?
a) 0.05 Hz
b) 0.67 Hz
c) 0.5 Hz
d) 0.067 Hz

Q9. ________compare various algorithms employed for processing stress ECG signals.
a) Friesen
b) Jen and Hwang
c) Clynes
d) Alfonso

Q10. At an interval of _______ the Bruce Protocol uses simultaneous increments in both speed and treadmill grade.
a) 250 sec
b) 120 sec
c) 160 sec
d) 198 sec

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