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Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 6]

Q1. Control of rate of change of cabin pressure is?
A: Equally important in descent and ascent
B: Most important in ascent
C: Most important in decent

Q2. An air to air heat exchanger in an air conditioning system is provided to?
A: Reduce the air supply temperature

B: Provide an emergency ram air Supply
C: Increase the air supply temperature

Q3. An off schedule descent light will illuminate if the aircraft?
A: Descends before reaching cruise altitude

B: Fails to descend in time for landing at destination airfield
C: Descends from its cruise altitude too early

Q4. The heat exchanger in an air cycle system is called by?
A: Ambient ram air
B: Air bleed from the main cabin supply duct
C: Engine bleed air or blower air

Q5. In a pneumatic tie cabin pressure controller, vacuum air is often provided by?
A: A dedicated vacuum pump
B: The ambient air
C: The aircraft’s vacuum system

Q6. And lead acid battery with 12 cells connected in series (no load voltage =2.1 volts per cell) furnishes 10 A to a load of 2 ohms resistance. That internal resistance of The battery is?
A: 5 Ohms
B: 2.52 Ohms
C: 0.52 Ohms

Q7. If an aircraft has alkaline batteries, the battery compartment drain pipes will be constructed from?
A: Plastic
B: Stainless steel
C: Aluminium alloy

Q8. Composite materials are bonded by?
A: Copper wire
B: Aluminium wire
C: Special paint

Q9. On touchdown of the aircraft?
A: The outflow valve will be partially closed
B: The cabin pressure will be at landing field pressure
C: The outflow valve will be fully open

Q10. At bleed air precooler uses what, as the cooling medium?
A: Fan air
B: Early-stage compressor bleed
C: Ram air

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