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Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 1]

Q1. Which of the following aircraft designs would be prone to super stall?
A:Swept back wing
C:Swept forward wing

Q2. The stall speed?
A: Increases with an increased weight

B: Decreases with an increased weight
C: Does not depend on weight

Q3. In a turn, the wing stalling angle?
A: Increases
B: Remains unchanged
C: Decreases

Q4. A jet aeroplane cruises buffet free at high constant altitude in significant turbulence. Which type of stall can occur if this aeroplane decelerates?
A: Low speed stall
B: Accelerated stall
C: Shock stall

Q5. The stall margin is controlled by?
A: EPR limits
B: speed bug sensor
C: AOA and flap position

Q6. Aerodynamic damping on a control surface?
A: Increases with air density

B: Is unaffected by air density
C: Decreases with air density

Q7. On a swept wing aeroplane at low speed, the pitch up phenomenon?
A: Never occurs, since a swept wing is a remedy to pitch up
B: Is caused by extension of trailing edge lift augmentation devices
C: Is caused by wingtip stall

Q8. Which of the following statement about stall speed is correct?
A: Decreasing the angle of sweep of the wing will decrease the stall speed

B: Increasing the angle of sweep of the wing will decrease the stall speed
C: Use of T-tail will decrease the stall speed

Q9. When a leading edge flap is fully extended, what is the slot for?
A: To re-energise the boundary layer

B: To allow the flap to retract into it
C: To increase lift

Q10. During flight, an aircraft is yawing right. The aircraft would have a tendency to fly?
A: Nose up
B: Right wing low
C: Left wing low

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