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Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 14]

Q1. Aspect ratio can be calculated using?
A: Span/mean chord
B: Span/area squared
C: Mean chord/ span

Q2. Wing spoilers, when used asymmetrically/differentially, are used in conjunction with the?
A: Elevators
B: Rudder
C: Ailerons

Q3. An aircraft with both static & dynamic stability, when disturbed will?
A: Have a decreasing oscillation
B: Have a phugoid oscillation
C: Have a increasing oscillation

Q4. The aspect ratio of a wing may be defined as?
A: Chord/span
B: Span squared/chord
C: Span squared/area

Q5. Wing Dihedral aids which aircraft stability?
A: Longitudinal
B: Normal
C: Lateral

Q6. Mass balance of aircraft controls helps prevent?
A: Flutter
B: Snatch
C: Erratic control movements

Q7. What is the best design of a wing to reduce wing tip vortices?
A: Tapered
B: High aspect ratio
C: Low aspect ratio

Q8. Which statement best describes the directional axis?
A: The directional axis is perpendicular to the horizontal axis
B: The directional axis is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis
C: The directional axis acts through the C of G, perpendicular to the longitudinal & lateral axis

Q9. If the AOA is increased. the CP (Centre of Pressure) will?
A: Move forwards
B: Move backwards
C: Stay the same

Q10. Induced drag reduces in proportion to?
A: The airspeed
B: The square root of airspeed
C: The square of speed

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