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Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 13]

Q1. The AOA is the angle between the?
A: RAF and mean camber line
B: RAF and maximum camber line
C: The chord line and RAF (relative airflow)
D: RAF and the longitudinal axis of the aircraft

Q2. The up going aileron (down going wing) has?
A: Decreased drag due to air loads and turbulence
B: The same drag as the down going aileron (up going wing)
C: Increased drag due to air loads and turbulence

Q3. Frictional forces that exist between a body and the air through which it moves is called?
A: Form Drag
B: Total Drag
C: Induced Drag
D: Skin Drag

Q4. What device controls pitch and roll on a delta wing aircraft?
A: Elevators
B: Ailerons
C: Elevons

Q5. A balance tab?
A: Reduces pilot workload
B: Allows for aerodynamic mismatch between the opposing control surfaces
C: Trims the aircraft to the desired position

Q6. The use of differential ailerons is used to prevent adverse yaw, the?
A: Downward aileron moves through a larger angle, than the aileron that is deflected upwards
B: Downward aileron moves and the other aileron remains in its null position
C: Downward aileron moves through a smaller angle, than the aileron that is deflected upwards

Q7. In a climb at steady speed the thrust is?
A: Equal to the drag
B: Less than the drag
C:  Greater than the drag

Q8. Rotation about the normal axis is by?
A: Pitch
B: Roll
C: Yaw

Q9. The dimension from wing tip to wing tip is known as?
A: Wingspan
B: Aspect ratio
C: Wing chord

Q10. On fixed wing aircraft, the L/D ratio is maximum at around?
A: 14-15 Degrees
C: 5-8 Degrees
D: 8-12 Degrees

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