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Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 11]

Q1. The auto throttle controls the aircraft?
A: Laterally
B: Both vertically and laterally
C: Vertically

Q2. When a dead zone amplifier is used, a CWS circuit?
A: Passes only signals below a certain magnitude
B: Limits the CWS signal to a safe level
C: Passes only signals above a certain magnitude

Q3. One basic requirement of a synchronising loop is that it must?
A: Be engaged at all times
B: Disengage on AP engagement
C: Disengage as soon as hard over is detected

Q4. On replacement of an autopilot servo motor?
A: Torque limiting settings must be checked

B: Position feedback must be checked
C: Elevator and aileron must be checked

Q5. The purpose of using altitude rate signal to develop the capture point in the altitude acquire mode is?
A: As a backup
B: To allow the aircraft to start flaring on to the selected altitude later if the vertical speed is high
C: To allow the aircraft to start flaring on to the selected altitude earlier if the vertical speed is high

Q6. An integrated auto land system has been selected to GA during the auto land phase, the aircraft will?
A: Increase speed and rotate nose up

B: Increase speed
C: Rotate nose up

Q7. Speed information to the auto throttle is derived from?

Q8. On replacement of an actuator that incorporates an autopilot actuator, the autopilot must be checked for?
A: Correct sense and range of movement
B: Correct sense of movement
C: Correct sense and range of movement and autopilot breakout checks

Q9. Automatic trimming starts on the detection of?
A: Loss of position feedback
B: Loss of servo input
C: Standing load on the elevator

Q10. What is the main operating principal of MLS?
A: Phase shift between Tx & Rx
B: Time difference between TO & FRO pulse
C: Signal strength (mV) difference between left and right beam

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