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Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 10]

Q1. A passenger reading light is part of the?

Q2. Which is the correct priority order for the cabin PA system?
A: Pilots, Cabin, Tape Reproducer, Video, Music
B: Pilots, Cabin, Video, Music, Tape Reproducer
C: Pilots, Cabin, Tape Reproducer, Music, Video
D: Cabin, Pilots, Tape Reproducer, Video, Music

Q3. PES stands for?
A: Personal Entertainment System
B: Pilots Enhanced Sensor
C: Passenger Entertainment System
D: Processor Enhanced System

Q4. PVIS stands for?
A: Passenger Visual Information System
B: Passenger Visual Indication System
C: Passenger Video Information System
D: Passenger Video Indication System

Q5. The tape producer in the aircraft PA system will?
A: Automatically play a warning if cabin pressure is lost.
B: Ask for pilot/flight attendant confirmation to play the audio warning.
C: Automatically play a warning, but is muted until the Pilot/Flight attendant gives authorisation.

Q6. What is the purpose of the amplifier/compressor circuit with the PA system amplifier?
A: It takes all the variable input signals and produces a constant amplitude signal.
B: It takes the microphone variable input signals and produces a constant amplitude signal.
C: It removes feedback noise
D: It auto levels all the inputs to produce a constant output volume.

Q7. In the cabin PA system. To match the speaker impedance (8 Ohms) to the amplifier output (125 Ohms). The speakers are fitted with?
A: Volume Potentiometer
B: There own impedance matching transformer
C: Auto leveling circuits
D: 3 way resistor section for audio volume control matching

Q8. The purpose of the RCU in the PVIS is to?
A: Select which flight information is shown to the pilots
B: Select which flight information is shown to the passengers
C: Select which flight entertainment is shown to the passengers
D: To process data for display

Q9. Cabin handset microphones in the PA are given what priority?
A: 3rd
B: 1st
C: 4th
D: 2nd

Q10. What signals adjust the main pre amplifier gain of the PA system amplifier unit?
A: Auxiliary gain switch.
B: The auxiliary gain circuit.
C: The master gain switch.
D: The engine and decompression discrete signals.

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