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Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 7]

Q1. What do you check when carrying out an insulation check on a continuous FireWire loop?
A: The FireWire, sensor and controller
B: The fire wire
C: Outside of the Fire Wire to earth

Q2. In an open centre hydraulic system, system pressure is provided?
A: Only when the selector valve is set on
B: Continuously
C: Only when the selector valve is set to off

Q3. What is fitted to the fuel jettison pipe to prevent vapour ignition?
A: An anti Corona device
B: A Nozzle
C: A Corona device

Q4. Symmetry checks should be carried out?
A: In the hunger with the aircraft on Jacks

B: On the ramp with the aircraft on its wheels
C: In the hanger the aircraft on its wheels

Q5. If cabin pressure is increasing, the cabin rate of change indicator will show?
A: Zero
B: Rate of climb
C: Rate of descent

Q6. Generator brush bedding?
A: Should not be done on the Aircraft
B: Can be done on the aircraft
C: Should only be done this is 50% of the works and 80% of the length has already been carried out

Q7. During a ground test of the pressurisation system?
A: The cabin altitude gauge in the flight deck will indicate zero
B: The rate of climb gauge in the flight deck or indicate zero
C: The differential pressure gauge in the flightdeck will indicate zero

Q8. Flap selection at a constant IAS in straight and level flight will increase the?
A: Maximum lift coefficient and drag
B: Lift coefficient and drag
C: Lift and drag

Q9. An air cycle system used for air cycle cooling will?
A: Increase the pressure increase the temperature
B: Decreased pressure and temperature of the charge
C: Increase the pressure but decrease the temperature

Q10. The cabin rate of climb pressure controller controls?
A: A pressure bleed to a capsule within the outflow valve
B: Pressure to a capsule in the pressure controller
C: Suction to a diaphragm in the pressure controller

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