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Agricultural Engineering MCQs [Quiz 34]

Q1. The second butterfly valve of carburetor is:
A. Carburetor
B. Choke
C. Plug
D. All are correct

Q2. Choke controls the amount of:
A. Air
B. Fuel
C. Water
D. All are correct

Q3. Function of carburector is:
A. To mix the air and fuel
B. To regulate air fuel ratio at different speed
C. To supply correct amount of mixture
D. All are correct

Q4. Venturi tube is provided in carburet or for:
A. Producing low pressure
B. Producing high pressure
C. Both (a) & (b)
D. None of these

Q5. A device for regulating the fuel supply in main jet of carburetor is:
A. Choke
B. Throttle
C. Economizer
D. All are correct

Q6. Fuel pump used in carburetor engines is:
A. Fuel injection pump
B. Centrifugal pump
C. Gasoline pump
D. None of these

Q7. A pump that transfers fuel from the fuel line to the fuel injection pump is:
A. Fuel lift pump
B. Feed pump
C. Transfer pump
D. All are correct

Q8. A pump that delivers metered quantity of fuel to each cylinder at appropriate time under high pressure is:
A. Transfer pump
B. Fuel injection pump
C. Centrifugal pumps
D. Oil pump

Q9. The high-pressure pump used in diesel engine has pressure range of:
A. 120-300 kg/cm2
B. 120-350 kg/cm2
C. 120-380 kg/cm2
D. 120-400 kg/cm2

Q10. For petrol engine, the maximum power obtained from one kg of fuel is:
A. 10.5-13.8 kg
B. 11-15 kg
C. 12-16 kg
D. 15-20 kg

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