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Agricultural Engineering MCQs [Quiz 43]

Q1. In pressurized water cooling. The boiling point of coolant can be increased by increasing its:
A. Temperature
B. Pressure
C. Both (a) & (b)
D. None of these

Q2. In pressurized water-cooling, increasing its pressure can increase the boiling point of coolant:
A. For 2 bar it is 121 C
B. For 5 bar it is 153 C
C. For 10 bar it is 1180 C
D. All are correct

Q3. In pressurized water-cooling the water pressure is kept between:
A. 1.5 and 2 bars
B. 1.5 and 3 bars
C. 1.5 and 5 bars
D. 1.5 and 10 bars

Q4. Evaporating cooling system is used for cooling of:
A. Steam engines
B. Aircraft engines
C. Railway engines
D. Industrial engines

Q5. Evaporating cooling is also called:
A. Steam of vapour cooling
B. Water cooling
C. Air cooling
D. None of these

Q6. In evaporating cooling the temperature of cooling water is allowed to reach a temperature of:
A. 50 C
B. 100 C
C. 110 C
D. 130 C

Q7. In case of air-cooled engines, the reduction of weight of engines is about:
A. 10 per cent
B. 20 per cent
C. 25 per cent
D. 30 per cent

Q8. Volumetric efficiency of air-cooled engines in comparison to water-cooled engines is:
A. Higher
B. Lower
C. Equal
D. None of these

Q9. A cooling system that requires more maintenance is:
A. Steam of vapour cooling
B. Water cooling
C. Air cooling
D. None of these

Q10. The engine performing becomes more sensitive to climatic condition in case of:
A. Evaporation cooled engine
B. Water cooled engine
C. Air cooled engine
D. All are correct

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