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Agricultural Engineering MCQs [Quiz 41]

Q1. Radiator is generally fabricated as:
A. Tabular type
B. Cellular type
C. Both (a) & (b)
D. None of these

Q2. Honeycomb type radiator is also known as:
A. Cellular type
B. Tabular type
C. Both (a) & (b)
D. None of these

Q3. Thermostat valve is used in:
A. Air-cooled engines
B. Water-cooled engines
C. Steam engines
D. All are correct

Q4. Thermostat valve begins open at:
A. 70-75 C
B. 70-81 C
C. 65-75 C
D. 75-81 C

Q5. In petrol engines thermostat valve fully opens at:
A. 72 C
B. 78 C
C. 82 C
D. 85 C

Q6. In diesel engines, thermostat valve fully opens at:
A. 88-90 C
B. 90-95 C
C. 90-100 C
D. 75-110 C

Q7. The liquid used in bellows types thermostat is known as:
A. Alcohol
B. Ether
C. Mercury
D. Both (b) & (c)

Q8. In force-feed cooling system thermostat valve begins to open at:
A. 70 C
B. 74 C
C. 78 C
D. 80 C

Q9. Thermostat valve widely opens at about:
A. 78 C
B. 80 C
C. 85 C
D. 90 C

Q10. In most tractor engines, a cooling systems used is:
A. Splash cooling
B. Pressure cooling
C. Gravity feed type cooling
D. All are correct

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