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Agricultural Engineering MCQs [Quiz 39]

Q1. Semi-solid lubricant is:
A. Gear oil
B. Engine oil
C. Grease
D. None of these

Q2. If the viscosity of fluid is high then flow will be:
A. Rapidly
B. Slowly
C. Irregular
D. All are correct

Q3. Lubrication oils are rated by:
A. Gravity
B. Visocsity
C. Density
D. All are correct

Q4. Grease is used as lubricant in the:
A. Engine liner
B. Universal coupling
C. Bearings
D. Both (b) & (c)

Q5. Type of pump used in lubrication system:
A. Diaphragm type
B. Gear type
C. Jet pump
D. Plunger type

Q6. Crankcase breather is used for:
A. Cleaning the dust particles
B. See the level of oil
C. Removing water vapour from crankcase
D. All are correct

Q7. In force feed lubrication system, the gear used is:
A. Helical gear
B. Spur gear
C. Both (a) & (b)
D. None of these

Q8. Oil filter of tractor engine is generally changed after:
A. 50 hours of work
B. 100 hours of work
C. 120 hours of work
D. 150 hours of work

Q9. The elements of oil filter is:
A. Cloth & felt
B. Paper
C. Thin metal plate
D. All are correct

Q10. The crankcase breather filter is mostly made of:
A. Paper
B. Wire
C. Oil wetted screen
D. All are correct

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