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Biomedical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 35]

Q1. Blood flow detectors based on Doppler shift start detecting foetal pulses as early as in which week of pregnancy?
a) tenth
b) eleventh
c) twelfth
d) ninth

Q2. When it is possible to detect multiple pregnancies?
a) 10th week
b) 12th week
c) 15th week
d) 20th week

Q3. Which of the following is the most reliable method for detecting FHR pattern?
a) Abdominal foetal electrocardiogram
b) Foetal phonocardiogram
c) Ultrasound technique
d) Foetal ECG with scalp electrode

Q4. Signal processing for FHR determination can be based either on detecting the foetal heart valve motion or on detecting the heart wall motion in Abdominal foetal electrocardiogram technique.
a) True
b) False

Q5. What is maximum ultrasound intensity of narrow beam transducer?
a) 15 mW/cm2
b) 20 mW/cm2
c) 25 mW/cm2
d) 30 mW/cm2

Q6. What is the diameter of a narrow beam transducer?
a) 15 mm
b) 20 mm
c) 25 mm
d) 30 mm

Q7. What is used to detect foetal heart movements in broad beam transducer?
a) Quartz crystal
b) Piezo electric crystal
c) Topaz crystal
d) Berlinite crystal

Q8. The narrow beam transducer is very sensitive and produces a good trigger signal for instantaneous heart rate determination.
a) True
b) False

Q9. Which of the following transducer is used to detect foetal heart movements over a wider area?
a) piezo-electric
b) ultrasonic
c) array
d) pressure

Q10. Which transducer is arranged in the shape of a clover leaf so that it provides a large area of illumination?
a) piezo-electric
b) ultrasonic
c) array
d) pressure

11. The array transducer housing is flexible to permit it to follow the contour of the abdomen regardless of shape changes with contractions.
a) True
b) False

12. At what angle divergent beam is transmitted by a crystal in array transducer?
a) 10°
b) 20°
c) 30°
d) 40°

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