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Biomedical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 42]

Q1. The instrument which carries out a continuous and simultaneous recording of the instantaneous foetal heart rate and labour activity is called?
a) Ergometer
b) Cardiotocograph
c) Cardiotocometer
d) Cardiotonometer

Q2. In the cardiotocograph, the sensitivity of _______ of recording chart allows adequate reading of the recorder FHR.
a) 30 bpm / cm
b) 10 bpm / cm
c) 20 bpm / cm
d) 15 bpm / cm

Q3. What is the chart speed in cardiotocograph to provide sufficient resolution of the stimulus-response relationship?
a) 1-2 cm / sec
b) 2-3 cm / min
c) 1-2 cm / min
d) 2-3 cm / sec

Q4. Which of the following is not an indirect method of foetal heart rate in cordiotocography monitoring?
a) Foetal ECG with scalp electrode
b) Foetal phonocardiogram
c) Abdominal foetal electrocardiogram
d) Ultrasound techniques

Q5. Which of the following is a direct technique of uterine contraction in cardiotocographic monitoring?
a) Tocodynamometry
b) Intrauterine pressure measurement
c) Phonocardiometry
d) Ultrasound technique

Q6. What is the range of instantaneous “beat-to-beat” rate which is displayed on a calibrated linear scale?
a) 200-220 bpm
b) 150-210 bpm
c) 50-200 bpm
d) 50-210 bpm

Q7. One channel records FHR on a calibrated chart in beats per minute while the other channel is used for recording uterine contractions calibrated _______
a) 50-210 mmHg
b) 0-210 mmHg
c) 0-100 mmHg
d) 0-50 mmHg

Q8. The intrauterine pressure can reach values of _______ or more during the expulsion period.
a) 150 mmHg
b) 200 mmHg
c) 220 mmHg
d) 250 mmHg
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