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Latest multiple choice questions with answers for biomedical engineering students.

Biomedical Engineering MCQs [Set 1]

1. The type of stethoscope commonly used by most doctors is:
a) Acoustic stethoscope 
b) Electronic stethoscope
c) Recording stethoscope
d) Doppler stethoscope

2. Name the disease that is caused by iron-deficiency which can be corrected by routine iron supplements or prevented by ingesting foods that are naturally high in 
a) Scurvy
b) Rickets
c) Anemia 
d) Beriberi

3. Which of the following sets contains only bacterial diseases?
a) Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Tetanus 
b) Chicken pox, AIDS, Influenza
c) Rabies, Jaundice, Leprosy
d) Cholera, Diphtheria, Whooping cough

4. Name the neurotransmitter thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness:
a) Adrenaline
b) Cortisol
c) Norepinephrine
d) Serotonin

5. Diseases that are caused by the decreased ability of the body to repair its tissues are known as:
a) Immunological diseases
b) Degenerative diseases
c) Infectious diseases
d) Congenital diseases

6. What are the diseases or disorders that occur due to work or working conditions called?
a) Lifestyle diseases
b) Infectious diseases
c) Occupational diseases 
d) Tropical diseases

7. The widening of blood vessels is known as:
a) Vasoconstriction
b) Atherosclerosis
c) Vasodilation
d) Thrombosis

8. Name a common endocrine disorder, in which the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormone:
a) Hypotension
b) Hypoglycemia
c) Hypothyroidism 
d) Hyperthyroidism

9. The deficiency of vitamin A, B and C cause the following diseases in that order:
a) Xerophthalamia, Beriberi, Scurvy 
b) Pellagra, Goiter, Anemia
c) Hypocobalaminemia, Ariboflavinosis, Rickets
d) Wilson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Albright syndrome

10.Which of the following is a disease caused by worms?
a) Athlete’s foot
b) Malaria
c) Elephantiasis 
d) Amoebic dysentery

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