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Biomedical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 40]

Q1. Where are the electrodes placed for recording foetal electrocardiogram?
a) heart
b) abdomen
c) brain
d) veins

Q2. What is the maximum amplitude of FECG recorded during pregnancy?
a) 100 to 300 mV
b) 300 to 500 mV
c) 500 to 700 mV
d) 700 to 900 mV

Q3. The foetus heart rate is approximately _______ time/s of normal adult foetal heart rate.
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

Q4. Which of the following is periodic noise source in the foetal ECG signal from the maternal abdomen?
a) Amplifier input noise
b) Maternal Muscle noise
c) Fluctuations in electrode polarization potential
d) Maternal ECG

Q5. What is the magnitude of ECG for a typical adult in the standard lead connection?
a) 1 mV
b) 2 mV
c) 3 mV
d) 4 mV

Q6. Which of the following technique is used to measure foetal heart rate?
a) ECG
c) PCG
d) VCG

Q7. What is the CMRR of Foetal electrocardiogram?
a) 0-150 dB
b) 0- 130 dB
c) 0-120 dB
d) 0-200 dB

Q8. What is responsible for most of the common-mode interfering signal?
a) Preamplifier
b) Notch Filter
c) Power Line Hum
d) Band Pass Filter

Q9. What is present in the processing circuit for signal separation?
a) Preamplifier
b) Power Line Hum
c) Notch Filter
d) Band Pass Filter

Q10. The F channel has a _______ ms pulse generator that is triggered by the foetal ECG.
a) 5
b) 10
c) 20
d) 30

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