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Biomedical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 37]

Q1. Which section of the clinical laboratory deals with determinations of the number and characteristics of the constituents of the blood, particularly the blood cells?
a) Chemistry
b) Haematology
c) Microbiology
d) Sample collection

Q2. What is the percentage of blood plasma and the blood cells respectively in blood volume?
a) 60, 40
b) 40, 60
c) 70, 30
d) 30, 70

Q3. The plasma is a viscous, light yellow liquid, i.e. almost clear in the fasting stage.
a) True
b) False

Q4. Which of the following method is based on the absorption of electromagnetic radiation in the visible, ultraviolet and infrared ranges?
a) Cardiotocography
b) Ultrasonic therapy
c) Spectrophotometry
d) Diathermy

Q5. Which of the following waves have short wave-length?
a) Microwave
b) Radio wave
c) Gamma rays
d) IR waves

Q6. The method based on the absorption of radiation of a substance is known as?
a) Absorption photometry
b) Spectrophotometry
c) Absorption tocometry
d) Absorption spectrophotoscopy

Q7. What is the range of visible light of electromagnetic spectrum?
a) 380 to 780 mm
b) 780 to 1080 nm
c) 380 to 780 nm
d) 380 to 1080 nm

Q8. The ratio of the radiant power transmitted by a sample to the radiant power incident on the sample is known as:
a) Absorbance
b) Transmittance
c) Optical density
d) Photometric concentration

Q9. If absorbance is plotted graphically against concentration, the graph is _________
a) Parabola
b) Increasing
c) Straight line
d) Decreasing

Q10. Which of the following is not a source of radiant energy?
a) Tungsten-mercury lamp
b) Tungsten lamp
c) Xenon-mercury arc
d) Deuterium discharge lamp

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