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Biomedical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 36]

Q1. How are foetal heart sounds picked up from the maternal abdomen?
a) Piezoelectric device
b) Sensitive Microphone
c) Crystal microphone
d) Dynamic microphone

Q2. Crystal microphone is used for picking _______ signals.
a) cardiac
b) brain
c) phono
d) muscles
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Q3. Bandpass filter used in foetal phonocardiogram rejects all frequencies outside the ________ Hz range.
a) 0-40
b) 40-80
c) 70-110
d) 110-150

Q4. The preamplifier is incorporated in the transducer housing to maximize interference signals being picked up.
a) True
b) False

Q5. How many sounds are produced from the normal foetal heart action?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Q6. What is the fixed pulse width of the pulse after process of one-shot circuit?
a) 110 ms
b) 170 ms
c) 230 ms
d) 280 ms

Q7. What is used to detect heart frequency in foetal phonocardiograph?
a) 230 ms one shot
b) 400 ms one shot
c) 20 ms one shot
d) 440 ms one shot

Q8. If the period duration is lesser than 400 ms, the one-shot will deliver a pulse.
a) True
b) False

Q9. What is used to delay the change in the time constant in foetal phonocardiograph?
a) Preamplifier
b) Notch Filter
c) Integrator
d) Band Pass Filter

Q10. No output pulse will occur when the period between two pulses is less than _____ ms.
a) 230
b) 20
c) 400
d) 440

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