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Chemical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 42]

Q1. __________ are normally subjected to sub-zero treatment.
(A) Highly stressed parts
(B) Gauges or precision parts
(C) Cold rolled sheets
(D) Non machinable materials

Q2. Pick out the wrong statement
(A) Processing of thermosetting plastics is ideally done by injection moulding
(B) Processing of thermoplastics is ideally done by compression moulding
(C) Mass production of seamless pipes are done by electrical resistance welding (ERW)
(D) Stretch forming is a process of cold drawing

Q3. In the blast furnace, incorporation of water vapour in the blast gives the following effect.
(A) Increases the reducing potential of the gas
(B) Increases the flame temperature
(C) No significant change occurs
(D) Increases the hydrogen content in the metal

Q4. Wood is a/an __________ material.
(A) Amorphous
(B) Cellular
(C) Homogeneous
(D) Granular

Q5. Flue gases pass through the following boiler accessories in a high pressure natural circulation boiler.
A. Induced draft fan
B. Economiser
C. Air preheater
D. Steam superheater

Which of the following gives the correct sequence of flow of the flue gases through the above mentioned boiler accessories?
(A) A, C, B, D
(B) D, B, C, A
(C) D, C, B, A
(D) D, A, B, C

Q6. The product out from a cupola is called
(A) Wrought iron
(B) Pig iron
(C) Cast iron
(D) None of these

Q7. Induced draft fans provided in large thermal power plant boilers have __________ blades.
(A) Forward curved
(B) Backward curved
(C) Double curved
(D) Radial or straight

Q8. The transition temperature at which all the ferromagnetic materials become paramagnetic materials is termed as the ‘Curie temperature’. Its value for cobalt is __________ °C.
(A) 768
(B) 1127
(C) 1359
(D) 1480

Q9. In troposphere (the weather domain), the temperature ‘t’ at height ‘h’ above the sea level in metres is given by (where, temperature at sea level is 15°C and t is in °C.)
(A) t = 15 – 0.0065 h
(B) t = 15 + 0.0065 h
(C) t = 0.0035 h – 15
(D) t = 15 – 0.0035 h

Q10. Super conduction in metals is observed at a temperature of __________ °K.
(A) <100
(B) >100
(C) About 273
(D) About 373

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