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Latest multiple choice questions with answers for electrical engineering students.

Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 44]

Q1.                  is the property of magnetic materials which retain magnetism after magnetizing force is withdrawn.
A. Reluctivity
B. Resistivity
C. Retentivity
D. Conductivity

Q2. A                    is a junction field effect transistor with a Schottky barrier instead of a normal semiconductor junction.
A. biFET

Q3. Term used for response in an electrical circuit.
A. The frequency at which power factor is at a minimum
B. The highest frequency that will pass current
C. The frequency at which capacitive reactance equals inductive reactance
D. The lowest frequency that will pass current

Q4.                      is the progressive decay with time in the amplitude of the free oscillation in a circuit.
A. Decrement
B. Pulse decay time
C. Damping
D. Dancing

Q5. What do you call a circuit that changes pure binary code into ASCII?
A. Decoder
B. Encoder
C. Demultiplexer
D. Code converter

Q6. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
A. Open transistor has three (3) terminals
B. Transistors have three (3) terminals
C. Potentiometer has three (3) terminals
D. Typical power rating of carbon-composition resistors ranged from 0.001 W to 0.1 W

Q7. Which statement is not true?
A. The internal resistance of a cell limits the amount of output current
B. Two electrodes of the same metal provide the highest voltage output
C. Secondary cell can be recharged
D. The negative terminal of a chemical cell has a charge of excess electrons

Q8. What type of circuit whose parameters are constant which do not change with voltage of current?
A. Lumped circuit
B. Tuned circuit
C. Reactive circuit
D. Linear circuit

Q9.                     is gaseous tube which uses a pool of liquid mercury as its cathode.
A. Thyratron
B. Phanotron
C. Klystron
D. Ignition

Q10. What do you call an electromagnet with its core in a form of magnetic ring?
A. Polarization
B. Irradiation
C. Toroid
D. Doping

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