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Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 35]

Q1. Device that increases power content from an input signal.
A. Attenuator
B. Amplifier
C. Oscillator
D. Transformer

Q2. What is the lagging effect between the magnetizing force applied and the flux density?
A. Hysteresis
B. Permeance
C. Reluctance
D. Eddy Currents

Q3. A solid-state device which only gives a “1” output if all its inputs are also “1” is called
A. an AND gate
B. a NAND gate
C. a NOR gate
D. an OR gate

Q4. How much is the resistance of Germanium slag 10 cm long and cross sectional area of 1 squared cm?
A. 5.5 k ohm
B. 550 k ohm
C. 55 k ohm
D. 550 ohm

Q5. A is a device which can test all pins of an IC at the same time.
A. logic probe
B. current tracer
C. logic clip
D. pulser

Q6. Current carried by each of two long parallel conductors is doubled if their separation is also doubled, the force between them would
A. increase four-fold
B. become half
C. increase two-fold
D. remain the same

Q7. What is the first stage in electronic troubleshooting?
A. Statistical analysis
B. Symptom analysis
C. Diagnostics
D. Initiate plate testing

Q8. Circuit that transforms dc from one voltage level to another or from one frequency to another
A. Coupler
B. Clipper
C. Comparator
D. Converter

Q9. is an orderly pattern of combined silicon atoms.
A. Covalent bond
B. Valence orbit
C. Semiconductor
D. Crystal

Q10. A crystal with its major flat surfaces cut so that they are perpendicular to a mechanical axis of the original quartz crystal is called
A. a Y-cut crystal
B. a Z-cut crystal
C. an XY-cut crystal
D. an X-cut crystal

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