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Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 34]

Q1.                  is a low frequency oscillation which sometimes occurs under fault condition in electron tube circuits.
A. Ping pong
B. Jitter
C. Glitch
D. Motor boating

Q2. The longer the diameter of a wire, the                        is its resistance.
A. unstable
B. higher
C. stable
D. lesser

Q3. When an atom gains an additional                       , it results to a negative ion.
A. neutron
B. proton
C. electron
D. atom

Q4.                      refers to circuits with 10 to 100 integrated circuits.
B. Monolithic

Q5. What is the most stable type of biasing?
A. Current feedback
B. Fixed bias
C. Voltage divider
D. Voltage feedback

Q6. If the gain of an amplifier without feedback is 10 and with negative feedback is 8, then the feedback fraction is
A. 0.025
B. 0.9
C. 0.8
D. 0.225

Q7. The                        is an analog component that has two inputs, one inverting and the other non-inverting, and a single output terminal.
A. counter
B. op amp
C. register
D. flip-flop

Q8. What do you call the duration within it takes to read the content of a memory location after it has been addressed
A. Execution time
B. Data rate
C. Cycle time
D. Access time

Q9. What term in electronics is used to express how fast energy is consumed?
A. Load
B. Power
C. Conductance
D. Volt

Q10. If a sine wave voltage varies from 0-200 V, how much is its instant voltage at 90%?
A. 200 V
B. Half of its maximum voltage
C. 100 V
D. Minimum voltage

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