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Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 33]

Q1. In a system with MOS devices, the main bus loading factor is likely to be
A. resistive
B. current
C. capacitive
D. static charge

Q2. The first recipient in E-mail communication.
A. Host
B. Mail box
C. Computer`
D. Disk

Q3. When a power supply is constructed to operate from either 240V or 120V ac lines such that it will have same secondary output, its primary when connected from 240V must be
A. split into halves and connected in parallel
B. connected in series
C. connected in parallel
D. split into halves and connected in series

Q4. Which has the largest diameter of the following dry cells?
A. Type C
B. Type AA
C. Type AAA
D. Type D

Q5.                      is an output applied to Read Only Memory (ROM).
A. Multiplexer
B. Address
C. Input code
D. Data

Q6.                     is a kind of memory where only manufacturer can store program and has a group of memory locations each permanently storing a word.
B. SOS memory
D. Hard Memory

Q7.                     is an excess property of P-type semiconductor.
A. Neutron
B. Proton
C. Electron
D. Hole

Q8. The best way to control speed of an AC induction motor is by varying the                   ?
A. supply frequency
B. both supply voltage and frequency simultaneously
C. supply voltage
D. series resistance of the field

Q9. There are                   identical cells in parallel needed to double the current reading of each cells.
A. 3
B. 4
C. 2
D. 1

Q10. Two heaters A and B are in parallel across supply voltage V. Heater A produces 500 kcal in 20 minutes and B produces 1000 kcal in 10 minutes. The resistance of A is 10 ohms. What is the resistance of B, if the same heaters are connected in series voltage V?
A. 0.14 ohms
B. 4.5 ohms
C. 2.5 ohms
D. 4.5 ohms

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