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Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 30]

Q1. What is the degree of exactness of measurement when compared to the expected value of the variable being measured?
A. Accuracy
B. Error
C. Deviation
D. Precision

Q2. The overall gain of an amplifier in cascade is
A. the sum
B. the average of each
C. the product
D. 100 % the sum

Q3. is a byte of data stored in a memory location.
A. 8 bits
B. Character
C. 4 bits
D. Memory word

Q4. An instrument used to measure one location in terms of coordinates.
A. Global Positioning System
B. Hydrometer
C. Altimeter
D. Increductometer

Q5. How do you measure the current in a circuit without an ammeter?
A. By computing the values of resistance
B. Measure voltage drop across tube
C. Measure voltage drop across known resistor
D. Divide total circuit resistance by the total circuit load

Q6.             is retrieving data from memory.
A. Accessing
B. Getting
C. Encoding
D. Reading

Q7. Materials with permeabilities slightly less than that of free space are referred to as
A. diamagnetic
B. ferromagnetic
C. non-magnetic
D. paramagnetic

Q8.             can erase EPROMS.
A. Applying a 21-volt pulse
B. Applying ultraviolet rays
C. Turning off the power
D. Blowing fuse

Q9. What materials possess permeabilities slightly less than that of free space?
A. Non-magnetic
B. Diamagnetic
C. Paramagnetic
D. Ferromagnetic

Q10. An LC circuit resonates at 2000 kHz and has a Q of 100. Find the lower and upper cut-off frequencies.
A. 1950 kHz, 2050 kHz
B. 1900 kHz, 2100 kHz
C. 1990 kHz, 2010 kHz
D. 1980 kHz, 2020 kHz

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