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Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 43]

Q1. How many lithium cells in series are needed for a 12 V battery?
A. 12 cells
B. 4 cells
C. 8 cells
D. 10 cells

Q2. is a linear electronic voltage regulator
A. A regulator that has a ramp voltage at its output
B. A regulator in which the control device is switched on or off, with the duty cycle proportional to the line or load conditions
C. A regulator in which the pass transistor switches from the “off” state to the “on” state
D. A regulator in which the conduction of a control element is varied in direct proportion to the voltage or load current.

Q3. The particles that make up the lattice in ionic crystal
A. Molecules
B. Ions
C. Electrons
D. Neutron

Q4. Parallel cells have the same voltage as one cell but have .
A. unstable resistance
B. less current capacity
C. fluctuating power output
D. more current capacity

Q5. A digital word consisting of only four bits is called a
A. dibit
B. quad
C. pixel
D. nibble

Q6. The reason for the thin layer of varnish over the copper coil pattern is to prevent
A. oxidizing
B. flux
C. corrosion
D. dioxide

Q7.                  is the output voltage of a carbon-zinc cell.
A. 3.5 V
B. 2.5 V
C. 1.5 V
D. 0.5 V

Q8. Speed of a logic circuit is normally expressed as _
A. logic levels
B. speed immunity
C. propagation delay
D. power consumption

Q9.                  is the term used to express the ratio of the change in the dc collector current to a change in base current in a bipolar transistor.
A. Gamma
B. Beta
C. Alpha
D. Delta

Q10. refers to a program that translates and then immediately executes statements in a high level language.
A. Interpreter
B. Synchronous
C. Interface
D. Operating system

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