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Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 41]

Q1. When a voltage of 100 V at 50 Hz is applied to a choking coil A, the current taken is 8A and the power is 120 W, when applied to a coil B, the current is 10 A and the power is 120 W. What power will be taken when 100 V is applied to the two coils connected in series?
A. 4737 W
B. 140 W
C. 70 W
D. 1454 W

Q2. The current needed to operate a soldering iron which has a rating of 600 watts at 110 volts is
A. 5.455 A
B. 66,000 A
C. 18,200 A
D. 182 A

Q3. An interval required to address and read out memory word
A. Propagation delay
B. Pulse duration
C. Settling time
D. Access time

Q4. When a logic circuit rejects an unwanted signal, this is termed as
A. logic levels
B. noise margin
C. power consumption
D. propagation delay

Q5. What is responsible for the phenomenon when voltages across reactances in series can often be larger than the voltage applied to them?
A. Capacitance
B. Resistance
C. Conductance
D. Resonance

Q6. How many symbols do hexadecimal digital number system used?
A. 16
B. 4
C. 8

Q7. What is the equivalent of decimal 47 in binary?
A. 111011
B. 111101
C. 110111
D. 101111

Q8. What is the logic circuit having two or more inputs but only one output with high output if any or all inputs are high, with low output only when all inputs are low?
A. AND gate
B. OR gate
C. NOR gate
D. NAND gate

Q9. Determine which is not a dynamic test instrument
A. Oscilloscope
B. Logic monitor
C. Logic
D. Logic

Q10. How much voltage regulation does commercial power supply have?
A. 10% and above
B. Within 1%
C. 15% and above
D. 10%

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