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Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 40]

Q1. Common-base (CB) amplifier has                      compared to common-emitter and common collector amplifiers.
A. a higher input resistance
B. a larger current gain
C. a lower input resistance
D. a larger voltage gain

Q2.                          currents are wasteful currents which flow in cores of transformers and produces heat.
A. Residual
B. Eddy
C. Sneak
D. Magnetizing

Q3. Which of the following photocell is most sensitive to?
A. Radio waves
B. Sound waves
C. Light waves
D. Heat waves

Q4. What is the resonant frequency of a circuit when L of 1 microhenry and C of 10 picofarads are in series?
A. 15.9 MHz
B. 50.3 MHz
C. 15.9 MHz
D. 50.3 kHz

Q5. What is the law that determines polarity of an induced voltage?
A. Norton’s Law
B. Thevenin’s Law
C. Lenz Law
D. Faraday’s Law

Q6. The science of physical phenomena at very low temperatures, approaching absolute zero is called                         ?
A. Crytanalysis
B. Cybernetics
C. Temperature inversion
D. Cryogenics

Q7. If a dry cell has an internal resistance of 0.50 ohm and an emf of 2 volts, find power delivered in a one ohm resistor?
A. 1.33 watts
B. 1.66 watts
C. 3.66 watts
D. 1.77 watts

Q8. What happens in the resistance of copper wired when its temperature is raised?
A. Decreased
B. Steady
C. Increase
D. Zero

Q9. Refers to the part of computer that performs mathematical operations
B. Flip-flop
C. Assembly Language

Q10.                      is called a memory device which holds fixed set of data in a circuit.
B. Register
C. Logic

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