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Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 38]

Q1. When an SCR is triggered or on condition, its electrical characteristics are similar to what other solid-state device (as measured between its cathode and anode)?
A. The junction diode
B. The varactor diode
C. The tunnel diode
D. The hot-carrier diode

Q2. What special type of diode is capable of both amplification and oscillation?
A. Point contact diode
B. Junction diode
C. Zener diode
D. Tunnel diode

Q3. A static memory generally contains
A. electrons
B. positive ions
C. row decoders
D. holes

Q4. Which is the majority carrier in an N-type semiconductor?
A. Electrons
B. Positive ions
C. Negative ions
D. Holes

Q5. Steel is hard to magnetize because of its .
A. high retentivity
B. low permeability
C. high permeability
D. high density

Q6. When you increase the resistance in a circuit, the flows of electrons will
A. flow faster
B. be constant
C. be decreased
D. be stopped

Q7. Current in a chemical cell refers to the movement of
A. negative ions only
B. negative and positive ions
C. positive ions only
D. negative hole charge

Q8. What is the effect of light in a photodiode?
A. Reverse current
B. Limits flow of current
C. Forwards current
D. Renders unstable current

Q9. What is the effect in terms of bandwidth when the Q of a single-tune stage is doubled?
A. Doubled
B. The same
C. Halved
D. Four times

Q10.                    is the dc motor control senses.
A. Resistance
B. Counter emf
C. Field voltage
D. Armature current

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