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Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 37]

Q1. What is a group of circuits that provides timing and signals to all operation in the computer?
A. Output unit
B. Memory unit
C. Control unit
D. Input unit

Q2. Where does voltage generated in a DC generator depend?
A. Field resistance and flux
B. Field and armature currents
C. Flux and speed
D. Speed and field resistance

 Q3.                       is the most influential factor in the switching speed of saturated bipolar transistor
A. Charge stored
B. Collector current
D. Base current

Q4. What is a pi-network?
A. A Power Incidence Network
B. A network consisting of one inductor and two capacitors or two inductors and one capacitor
C. A network consisting entirely of four inductors or four capacitors
D. An antenna matching network that is isolated form ground

Q5.                        is the property of a material which opposes creation of magnetic flux?
A. Resistance
B. Permeance
C. Reluctance
D. Conductance

Q6. The purpose of cells connected in parallel is to
A. increase internal resistance
B. increase voltage output
C. decrease current capacity
D. increase current capacity

Q7. What does SI magnetic flux refer?
A. Weber
B. Flux
C. Maxwell
D. Lines

Q8. is a type of linear regulator used in applications requiring efficient utilization of the primary power source.
A. A series regulator
B. A shunt regulator
C. A constant current source
D. A shunt current source

Q9. When a switch is closed, it has a total resistance of
A. 1000 ohms at room temperature
B. unstable
C. infinity
D. zero

Q10. How many turns are needed to produce a magnetizing force of 5000 A.t. for a coil of 50 amperes?
A. 1,000 turns
B. 5,000 turns
C. 100 turns
D. 500 turns

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