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Latest multiple choice questions with answers for electrical engineering students.

Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 36]

Q1. A good material conductor should have                   valence electrons.
A. 21
B. 1
C. 3.5
D. 10

Q2. The objective of a capacitor is to
A. block AC and passes DC current
B. block DC and passes AC current
C. stores AC current
D. blocks AC current

Q3.                 is the characteristic of an oscillator that enables it to sustain oscillation after removal of the control stimulus.
A. Momentum
B. Fly-wheel effect
C. Damping
D. Forced oscillations

Q4.                is the term used to express the amount of electrical energy in an electrostatic field.
A. Coulombs
B. Watts
C. Volts
D. Joules

Q5.                is a device that stays on once triggered and stores one of two conditions as a digital circuit.
A. Gate
B. Latch
C. Integrator
D. Oscillator

Q6. When the cells are in series, voltages add, while current capacity is .
A. the same as one cell
B. zero
C. infinite
D. the sum of each cell

Q7. In shift registers made up of several flip-flops, the clock signal indicates .
A. a bit of information stored in the flip-flop
B. information of time
C. what time is it
D. when to shift a bit of data from input of the flip-flop to the output

Q8. A dc voltage supply is measured at 50 V and drops to 25 V when the load is connected. What is the value of “voltage regulation”?
A. 5 %
B. 50 %
C. 8.33 %
D. 11.11 %

Q9. Which of the following statements is correct?
A. Transistor has two terminals
B. Open resistor has small resistance
C. Typical power rating of a carbon-composition resistor ranged from 0.125 W to 2W
D. Potentiometer has two terminals

Q10.                  is the major characteristics of an IC
A. Complication
B. Size
C. Power consumption
D. Speed

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