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English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 48]

Q1. She thinks _____ her past life.
A) off
B) for
C) about
D) with

Q2. He was tired _____ politics.
A) of
B) at
C) from
D) with

Q3. She died _____ a car crash.
A) at
B) for
C) in
D) on

Q4. People were afraid _____ her.
A) from
B) of
C) at
D) on

Q5. I _____ in Paris when I was six.
A) lived
B) live
C) living
D) lives

Q6. We _____ move to London.
A) did
B) didn’t
C) aren’t
D) isn’t

Q7. “When _____ you have your last holiday?” “Last August.”
A) do
B) are
C) did
D) is

Q8. He _____ the school in 1994.
A) left
B) leaved
C) leave
D) leaves

Q9. He _____ his wife, Maria, in 1998.
A) met
B) meted
C) meet
D) meets

Q10. In my bedroom there’s a bed _____ a wardrobe.
A) but
B) so
C) and
D) also

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