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English MCQs [Set 1]

1. I cannot concentrate, here is too much __________.

A. detraction

B. distraction

C. people

D. sound

E. contraction

2. It is expected that the assembly will _________ these treaties.

A. force

B. ratify

C. notify

D. signify

E. check

3. Oil is mostly _________ by trucks in Pakistan.

A. transfer

B. transmit

C. transport

D. travel

E. deliver

4. Bus _________ are going to increase.

A. fees

B. rates

C. bills

D. credits

E. fares

5. Pakistani __________ met his counterpart in London.

A. console

B. counsel

C. councel

D. consul

E. council

6. Children like to watch science __________ movies.

A. fiction

B. faction

C. fraction

D. fallacy

E. friction

7. This account is exempted from __________ charges.

A. tax

B. bevy

C. levy

D. interest

E. taxation

8. His believe that he could do this, is his __________.

A. allusion

B. illusion

C. delusion

D. depict

E. addict

9. You are wearing an army’s uniform, but the __________ is missing.

A. epic

B. epoch

C. epithet

D. epicure

E. epaulet

10. University professors visit the and ___________ the data.

A. inform

B. appraise

C. apprise

D. amended

E. commended

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