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English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 52]

Q1. We met fifty years _____ .
A) until
B) ago
C) of
D) after

Q2. I didn’t feel well _____ I left the party early.
A) so
B) because
C) but
D) until

Q3. Peter couldn’t speak _____ he was 6.
A) until
B) because
C) so
D) where

Q4. I didn’t enjoy math lessons _____ I was at school.
A) until
B) when
C) because
D) and

Q5. Sally didn’t buy the red shoes _____ she couldn’t afford them.
A) until
B) so
C) because
D) when

Q6. We met Ken’s wife _____ her parents last Saturday.
A) until
B) when
C) because
D) and

Q7. She _____ see me.
A) don’t
B) aren’t
C) isn’t
D) didn’t

Q8. Our teacher _____ come to school.
A) aren’t
B) isn’t
C) wasn’t
D) didn’t

Q9. Paul _____ read until he was eight.
A) can’t
B) can
C) couldn’t
D) could

Q10. I often _____ have a lot of time, so I _____ do the shopping myself.
A) don’t / don’t
B) doesn’t / does
C) didn’t / did
D) didn’t / didn’t

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