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General Knowledge MCQs [Quiz 45]

Q1. Embargoes are designed to:
(a) Promote trade of prohibited goods
(b) Restrict trade of particular commodities
(c) Restrict trade of drugs
(d) None of the above

Q2. When a group of countries have removed all tariffs quotas and export subsidies on trade among themselves – that is called:
(a) Laissez faire
(b) Liberal Trade region
(c) Free Trade zone
(d) All of the above one

Q3. Which one among the following statements is truly explain the ‘Laissez Faire’ theory?
(a) State should refrain from all intervention in economic affairs
(b) State should manage every field of economic activities for the benefit of the public
(c) There should be fair distribution of wealth in the society
(d) None of the above one

Q4. The lowest number of people living below the poverty line among the SAARC Countries are in:
(a) Bangladesh
(b) Pakistan
(c) Nepal
(d) Sri Lanka

Q5. Family Planning in rural areas hampered mainly due to:
(a) Deficiency in planning
(b) Lack of knowledge
(c) Psychological and Social Orthodoxy
(d) Non-availability of devices

Q6. Both-way trade between two countries is also known
(a) Government Expenditure
(b) Fiscal Revenue
(c) Volume of Trade
(d) Terms of Trade

Q7. Trade by exchange of Commodities is called:
(a) International Trade
(b) Foreign Exchange
(c) Line of Credit
(d) Barter Trade

Q8. Tax on a Commodity according to its volume
(a) Real tax
(b) Direct Tax
(c) Indirect Tax
(d) Ad Valorem Tax

Q9. Who is the first Tax Mohtasib of Pakistan?
(a) Justice (R) Saleem Karmi
(b) Justice (R) Allah Nawar
(c) Justice (R) Ijaa Nfser
(d) Justice (R) Saleem Akhtar

Q10. Safety stock of grains held by the government is:
(a) Surplus stock
(b) Overhead stock
(c) Buffer stock
(d) Overall stock

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