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General Knowledge MCQs [Quiz 50]

Q1. The study of science of population is called
(a) Geography
(b) Demography
(c) Plutocracy
(d) Sociology

Q2. The 5th national census recorded the total population of Punjab with annual growth rate of
(a) 47.292 million .2.61%
(b) 72.585 million .2.01%
(c) 73.686 million .2.61%
(d) 63.433 million .3.01%

Q3. The population growth rate in the country is:
(a) 2.01%
(B) 2.61%
(c) 3.01%
(d) 3.61%

Q4. Identify the total percentage of population in the country, having access to safe and clean water supply.
(a) 40%
(b) 52%
(c) 59%
(d) 68%

Q5. The population density in Punjab per square kilometer is approximately : (persons)
(a) 353
(b) 480
(c) 590
(d) 882

Q6. Identify the member of G-8 organization, which will provide 300 million US dollars to Pakistan in 1999 for certain development projects?
(a) America
(b) United Kingdom
(c) Germany
(d) Japan

Q7. In the total population of Pakistan, the percentage of income tax payers is only
(a) L05%
(b) 1.75%
(c) 2.01%
(d) 3.4%

Q8. What do you understand by the term “deflation”?
(a) Excess circulation of money, causing dearness of goods
(b) Increase in interest rates diverts money into savings and reduce circulation of money causing prices to fall.
(c) Devaluation of local currency to the larger extend.
(d) Decline in remittances from abroad, causing economic hardships for the Government

Q9. The maximum number of persons populated in one square kilometer of area are in:
(a) Punjab
(b) Sindh
(c) KPK
(d) Islamabad

Q10. The minimum number of persons populated in one square kilometer of area are in:
(a) Islamabad
(b) FATA
(c) Balochistan
(d) KPK

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