Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 24]

Q1. An average responding rectifier type electronic ac voltmeter has its scale calibrated in terms of the rms value of a sine wave, when a square wave voltage of peak magnitude 100V is measured using this voltmeter then the reading indicated by the meter, will be ?
a) 111V
b) 100V
c) 90.09V
d) 70.7V

Q2. A house served by a 220V supply light, is protected by a 9-Ampere fuse. The maximum number of 60 W bulbs in parallel that can be turned on is
a) 11
b) 33
c) 22
d) 44

Q3. Silicon has a preference in IC technology because
(a) it is an indirect semiconductor
(b) it is a covalent semiconductor
(c) it is an elemental semiconductor
(d) of the availability of nature oxide SiO

Q4. Three equal resistance of magnitude 5 Ohm each are connected in delta. The resistance between any two pair of terminals of the delta will be
(a) 5 Ohm
(b) 5/3 Ohm
(c) 10/3 Ohm
(d) 3/5 Ohm

Q5. The R.M.S. value of a half wave rectified sinusoidal alternating current with peak value Im is
(a) Im / 1
(b) Im / v2
(c) Im / 2
(d) Im v3

Q6. The unit which indicates the rate at which energy is expended?
A. Watt
B. Ampere-hour
C. Coulomb
D. Volt

Q7. The peak voltage in an ac wave is always
A. greater than the average voltage
B. less than the average voltage
C. greater than or equal to average voltage
D. less than or equal to the average voltage

Q8. When an electrical charge exists but there is no flow of current, the charge is said to be
A. ionizing
B. electronic
C. Static
D. Atomic

Q9. As the number of turns in a coil that carries ac increases without limit, the current in the coil will
A. Eventually become very large
B. Stay the same
C. Decrease, approaching zero
D. Be stored in the core material

Q10. As the number of turns in a coil increases, the reactance at a constant frequency
A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Stays the same
D. Is stored in the core material

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