Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 28]

Q1. What is an electronic measuring equipment used in navigation operating in 1GHz band which provides bearing and distance indication?

Q2. Find the output of four (4) lead acid cells.
A. 3.2 V
B. 8.4 V
C. 5.8 V
D. 1.6 V

Q3.The reciprocal of capacitance is called
A. elastance
B. permittivity
C. conductance
D. permeability

Q4. An advantage of full-wave rectifier over half-wave rectifier.
A. Each diode can cool-off during half of each input cycle.
B. The ripple frequency is lower.
C. The tube will conduct during both halves of the cycle.
D. Output voltage is lower with more ripples.

Q5. What composes all matter whether a liquid, solid or gas?
A. Atoms
B. Electrons
C. Protons
D. Neutrons

Q6. What is the majority carrier in an N material?
A. Holes
B. Neutrons
C. Electrons
D. Protons

Q7. A very high resistance connected in parallel with smoothing capacitors in a high voltage DC system is called a
A. dropping resistor
B. shunt
C. divider
D. bleeder

Q8. What is the smallest part of a computer language?
A. Binary
B. Byte
C. Bit
D. Word

Q9. A user-program that has the ability to move a robot axis to any position within its range
A. Point-to-point
B. Continuous path
C. Positive stop
D. Pick-and-place

Q10. What level is used to represent logic-1 in a negative logic circuit?
A. Negative transition level
B. Low level
C. Positive transmission level
D. High level

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