Electrical Engineering MCQs [Quiz 29]

Q1. What law in electronics where an induced current will be in such a direction that its own magnetic field will oppose the magnetic field that produces the same?
A. Electromagnetic law
B. ANortons law
C. Lenz law
D. Maxwells law

Q2. What is the reason why robot actuators have lesser capabilities than electric or hydraulic robot actuators?
A. It has quick response
B. It always has oil leaks
C. It always has all or nothing motion
D. It has high initial cost

Q3.               has the unit of electron volt.
A. Charge
B. Potential difference
C. Energy
D. Current

Q4. What is the unit of magnetic flux in SI system?
A. Weber
B. Maxwell
C. Tesla
D. Gauss

Q5. What element possesses four valence electrons?
A. Insulator
B. Semi-insulator
C. Semiconductor
D. Conductor

Q6. What level is used to represent logic-0 in a negative logic circuit?
A. High level
B. Low level
C. Negative transition level
D. Positive transition level

Q7. In an Amplitude-Modulated (AM) radio transmitter, the modulator is:
A. How amplification can be thought of as a decision making process
B. How semiconductor replace vacuum
C. A digital decision
D. How to adapt a radio transmitter to make it useful as multiplier circuit.

Q8. Which of the following is the probable output if all inputs of a TTL gate are binary 1?
A. Determinable
B. Binary 0
C. Binary 1
D. Indeterminate

Q9. Term used to describe sudden reverse conduction of an electronic component caused by excess reverse voltage across the device.
A. Cut-off
B. Saturation
C. Avalanche
D. Revertion

Q10. What type of materials formed when trivalent material is doped with silicon or germanium?
A. N type
B. N and P type
C. PN type
D. P type

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