Electrical Engineering MCQs [Set 4]

31. Constantan contains
(a) silver and tin
(b) copper and tungsten
(c) tungsten and silver
(d) copper and nickel

32. Which of the following is the poorest conductor of electricity ?
(a) Carbon
(b) Steel
(c) Silver
(d) Aluminium

33 ______ has zero temperature co-efficient of resistance.
(a) Aluminium
(b) Carbon
(c) Porcelain
(d) Manganin

34. Piezoelectric materials serve as a source of _____ .
(a) resonant waves
(b) musical waves
(c) microwaves
(d) ultrasonic waves

35. In thermocouples which of the following pairs is commonly used ?
(a) Copper-constantan
(b) Aluminium-tin
(c) Silver-German silver
(d) Iron-steel

36 is viscoelastic.
(a) Cast-iron
(6) Graphite
(c) Rubber
(d) Glass

37. Carbon electrodes are not used in
(a) GLS lamps
(b) electric arc furnace
(c) dry cells
(d) cinema projectors

38. Solder is an alloy of
(a) copper and aluminium
(b) tin and lead
(c) nickel, copper and zinc
(d) silver, copper and lead

39 ______ is most commonly used for making magnetic recording tape
(a) Silver nitrate
(b) Ferric oxide
(c) Small particles of iron
(d) Silicon-iron

40. Overhead telephone wires are made of
(a) aluminium
(b) steel
(c) ACSR conductors
(d) copper

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