English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 26]

Q1. You _____ a lot of things in _____ free time.
A) do / our
B) does / your
C) do / my
D) do / your

Q2. My cat licks _____ tail every evening. But my dogs never lick _____tails.
A) its / their
B) its / its
C) their / its
D) * / *

Q3. I like _____ football, but my brother doesn’t.
A) play
B) played
C) playing
D) plays

Q4. She likes _____ TV, but her husband doesn’t.
A) watching
B) to watch
C) watches

Q5. Her sister doesn’t _____ eating a hamburger.
A) like
B) likes
C) liking
D) liked

Q6. Do you like _____ in your free time?
A) read
B) reads
C) to read
D) reading

Q7. I like _____ but I _____ like swimming.
A) sailing / don’t
B) sail / doesn’t
C) sail / don’t
D) sail / do

Q8. Tom _____ her but she doesn’t like _____ .
A) like / her
B) likes / him
C) likes / he
D) like / him

Q9. Andrew buys a newspaper everyday. _____ reads _____ at home.
A) It / he
B) Him / it
C) He / it
D) His / it

Q10. Mike eats cheeseburgers because _____ likes _____ .
A) he / their
B) him / they
C) he / them
D) him / them

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