English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 28]

Q1. She _____ a bus to university.
A) always takes
B) always take
C) takes always
D) take always

Q2. I _____ to a football match every Sunday but my father _____ .
A) go / don’t
B) goes / doesn’t
C) go / doesn’t
D) goes / don’t

Q3. Every year millions of people _____ The London Museum.
A) visit
B) go
C) come
D) want

Q4. The Buckingham Palace _____ lots of rooms.
A) have
B) has
C) to have
D) having

Q5. Visitors _____ to India ‘s Independence Day from all over the world.
A) visit
B) come
C) leave
D) goes

Q6. I _____ English, Russian, and Romanian, but I _____ Chinese.
A) speak / don’t speak
B) speaks / speak
C) speaks / speaks
D) speaks / don’t speak

Q7. Many foreigners in our country _____ to the Golden Bazaar.
A) buy
B) go shopping
C) want
D) come

Q8. A: What _____ you _____ ? B: An architect.
A) do / do
B) does / do
C) are / do
D) do / are

Q9. A: What _____ your niece _____ ? B: A nurse.
A) do / do
B) does / is
C) does / do
D) is / do

Q10. A: Where _____ your parents _____ ? B: In the Ministry of Education.
A) do / do
B) do / work
C) are / work
D) work / *

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