English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 31]

Q1. My brother’s birthday is _____ March.
A) in
B) on
C) at
D) to

Q2. The train leaves Paris _____ 4 p.m.
A) in
B) at
C) on D) by

Q3. Vancouver is very cold _____ winter.
A) at
B) in
C) on
D) to

Q4. Sometimes we _____ cards.
A) plays
B) playing
C) play
D) to play

Q5. She never _____ meat.
A) eats
B) eating
C) eat
D) to eat

Q6. We always _____ lemonade in the evenings.
A) to drink
B) has
C) drinking
D) have

Q7. A: I’m sorry. I’m late. B: _____ Come and sit down.
A) Excuse me!
B) Don’t worry!
C) What’s the matter?
D) Why are you late?

Q8. A- _____ your wife _____ English? B- Yes, she does.
A) Do / speak
B) Does / speaking
C) Does / speak
D) Do / speaking

Q9. “How many languages _____ you _____ ?” “Three: English, German and Spanish.”
A) does / speak
B) do / speak
C) do / speaking
D) does / speaking

Q10. Why _____ you like _____ in the hotel?
A) do / working
B) do / work
C) does / working
D) does / work

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