English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 32]

Q1. They never go out _____ Friday evenings .
A) on
B) in
C) at
D) by

Q2. She loves _____ to music.
A) listening
B) to listen
C) listens
D) listen

Q3. They often eat in a restaurant ___ Tuesdays.
A) on
B) in
C) of
D) at

Q4. _____ summer I play tennis _____ Sundays.
A) In / in
B) At / on
C) In / on
D) At / in

Q5. “Do Mr. Adams and his daughter like going _____ ?” “No, they _____ .”
A) ski / don’t
B) skiing / don’t
C) skiing / do
D) ski / does

Q6. “_____ they _____ a winter holiday?” “Yes, they do.”
A) Do / wanting
B) Does / want
C) Do / want
D) Does / wanting

Q7. What time ____ you go to bed?
A) do
B) does
C) is
D) have

Q8. “_____ do you do your homework?” “After dinner.”
A) Where
B) What
C) How
D) When

Q9. “_____ you go out on Friday evenings?” “Yes, I do sometimes.”
A) Do
B) Where
C) Are
D) Does

Q10. “_____ do you like your job?” “Because it’s interesting.”
A) Why
B) What
C) How
D) Where

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